Why My Dentist Recommends I Buy Adhesive Cream for My Dentures

The denture adhesives are a must for a large population of people who use dentures. These products are flooded in the market providing you a wide range of products to choose from. These adhesives come in different forms – as creams, as powders, as strips or wafers.

The dentists highly recommend the conventional glue which has been in the market for ages and thus the adhesive creams are highly recommended.

Why are denture adhesive creams preferred?

The mess and hassle-free denture adhesive creams are the most preferred denture adhesive product. Why?

Here are some relevant points which make the denture adhesive creams the choice of dentists worldwide.

The denture adhesive creams are long lasting compared to the powder or wafer strips. Thus, it becomes a cost-effective solution and hence true value of money to the patient.

The denture adhesive creams have a longer bonding strength compared to other adhesives. Hence it retains the dentures for a longer duration. This keeps the denture user comfortable for the 12 hours of the day.

Earlier these adhesive creams used to contain zinc. When people use it regularly for a long period of time, the zinc levels in their body increased causing health-related risks to people. But the manufactures of adhesive creams have revamped their products with zinc free creams.

The cream-based denture adhesives are compared to have more resistance to getting dislodged, compared to its other counterparts. These prevent food particles from accumulating in gaps and causing infections.

The denture adhesive creams are easy to apply because it is as simple as applying the paste on the dentures and sticking on. It is easy to remove them at the end of the day.

Still, it is good to experiment and see what fits you best!