If you have bought a new home or planning on redoing your existing home, one thing that changes how your house looks is its lighting system.

A well-lit house exudes positivity; it highlights all the good features of the house and makes it appear naturally bigger and better looking. As opposed a poorly lit house not just appears dull and uninviting but also misses out some of the best features of the house.

Things to remember while getting lighting for the house:

Type of lights: Always test the lights at the store, some lights are extremely bright and tend to hurt the eyes, while the highly yellowed ones end to give everything a yellow tint. Choose soft lights that soothe the eyes while lighting the house well too.

A number of lights: It is best to count the exact number of lights you would need before you actually go light shopping. Decide whether there are spaces that would be better for two small lights or one big light.

Online or store light shopping? Be it online or at the store, it is best never to buy lights on impulse, simply because they are on sale. It is best to decide what you want, cross-check its prices online as well as in stores and finally buy from wherever you get the best deal. Never miss out Modern Place for some of the choicest selections in lights at competitive prices.

Where to place the lights: This is crucial; make sure you place lights in such a way that it does not cast a shadow on important features of your house. The lights must be placed such that people, as well as important highlights, are all well lit. Try and avoid having dark empty spaces in the house, as they seem to appear like negative spaces. Other than that, in the kitchen, one must avoid lights such that the shadow of your head is directly on the stove.

These are some simple points to remember. Getting the most expensive lights does not guarantee the best looks, but settling for the cheapest may not get you the desired effect.

Can I Get a Greatpack on a Budget?

Not everyone can afford a high-end brand of buying a backpack. But at the same time, we all want to have a good quality product. The good news is that you can very much get a great quality backpack at a reasonable price that fits your budget. At times, during the season of sale, you can get backpacks at quite cheaper rates.

Here are some of the backpacks that are absolutely budget friendly and anyone can easily afford to buy them:

  • Venture pal lightweight packable daypack is perfect if you are going on an adventure trip. The best part of this backpack is that one can easily fold it to a small size that can even fit your pocket. It is very hard to find such high-quality product at such as reasonable price.
  • Osprey Volt 60 not only fits into the budget but also has a high performance. It comes with many features such as zippered pockets, sleeping bag compartment, beavertail pocket, and waist belt pockets, shoulder straps etc.
  • The north face terra 55 has a simple functionality. This does not have any complicated design and can be very easy to use in all kinds of situations. It’s a comfortable backpack as the shoulder straps have a cushion type feel. You can carry a number of items in it with ease. This also has plenty of pockets due to which one can stay organized.
  • The Osprey exos 48 is a very light pack and suitable for people who are looking for a budget-friendly You can easily carry loads of 20-30 pounds in these bags. It is quite a large bag which can accommodate all your belongings.
  • Osprey farpoint 70 is also very much affordable. I love this Osprey farpoint 70 reviews that was mentioned in one of the sites that claims it to be the best backpack that one can buy on a budget.

Get Skilled To Shop For Custom Cloths

T-shirts in all sizes:

I have spent hours at malls searching for my size of the tee and come out utterly disappointed. I have always worn either a hanging tee on me or one that is too tight. I had almost resigned to fate when I realized what I was missing.

A small chat on messenger was an eye-opener!

I was talking to a friend who was on a trip to the Orient. And he kept saying that he had a great day picking up gifts for everyone. And particularly he had great fun at a store where they allowed him to customize gifts with a message on them. He particularly liked that the patrons could choose a material to be sewn into a custom fit t-shirt and then customized it with any kind of pattern or a print or a logo. He showed me a picture of what he had picked up for me and I could not help but gasp!

It was beautiful!

This friend was a designer and I could trust his designs with my eyes closed. I begged him to get me five more t-shirts from the same store and he very kindly obliged. I was on cloud nine. Imagine getting to wear your own perfect fit with a style that is custom made by your buddy who you think is the best designer on the earth! It was a winning moment for me.

And what happens next is what happens when lady luck decides to smile on you!

This store happens to have an online presence and you can sit in any corner of the world and design your own t-shirt and flaunt it! I could only think of the countless occasions when I could not attend parties and other dos because I had run out of well-fitting clothes. Now was indeed my time to redeem the lost opportunities. With this online store, I can never be out of clothes again. And yes the best fitting clothes too!


Whether you are a straight or a gay one, anal play is a sexual play that everyone must explore. Why must a couple not make the most of the delicious erogenous zones in and around the anus? This area of the human body has numerous nerve endings that provide some exciting sexual pleasures when stimulated in the right way.

One of the best ways to make the most of anal play is by indulging in one of the simplest and safest anal play toys like a butt plug.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plus is a sex toy meant for the stimulation of the anus and the area around it. It has a tapering tip to insert inside the anus which gradually widens through the shaft. The end is flared for safety purposes.

The main aim of this toy is to stretch the skin of the anus and the area inside it. This stretching stimulates the nerve endings that excite the anal area. These toys are available in many choices for beginners to those who are into anal stimulation on a high level.

They are also available in variants that are meant to enhance role playing in a couple too. These plugs have a tapered end that is meant to be inserted inside the anus, and the outer flared end has some exciting props that can take your excitement to the next level.

Cat Tail Butt Plug: You can choose to play a cute little pussy or a wild cat in bed using a cat tailed butt plug. This variant has a faux or real cat fur tail attached at its outer end that can give you the right sensations.

Princess Butt Plugs: These have the outer end of it bejewelled with either a big precious looking stone or many stones stuck together. These beautiful princess butt plugs can make you feel like a million bucks when you have the toy pleasing you from within and that jewel that makes you feel like a princess on the outside.