10 Great Gift Ideas for Babies Under One

Buying toys for a baby can seem very easy at first thought. But when you go to a place like doodlebuckets, you just have too many options to choose from which can be confusing. Here are 10 of the best gifts you can get for children below the age of one.

  1. Rattles – These are easy to hold and shake. A child develops her grip only a few months after birth and the sounds in a rattle will get her attention.
  2. Blocks – As a child grows he learns to stack things one on top of the other. Building blocks that have big blocks are easy to hold and work with.
  3. Texture Toys – The child learns about different textures as she grows. Getting toys with such textured surfaces will both teach her as well as get her focus.
  4. Cubes – These are relatively easier to hold for these tiny hands and cubes with many faces are entertaining and mesmerizing for the young minds.
  5. Moving Toys – These help with a child’s mobility and encourage her to move around to get the toy into her hands.
  6. Sounds – Babies pay attention to various sounds and when the sound is louder than their own, they are completely distracted which can also help calm a crying baby.
  7. Lights – As their eyes begin to focus on things around, lights are what attracts them more than anything else. colorful moving lights are a great way to keep them entertained.
  8. Interactive – Get them toys that speak up or say things when touched or pushed in certain places. This will help their hand-eye coordination and also improve their interaction skills.
  9. Soft Toys – Which baby does not love to cuddle with a doll or a soft toy? These are safe and just cute for a child of this age.
  10. Picture Books – Books with big illustrative pictures that are bright in colors and have different textures are a great way to teach them about things.