Get Skilled To Shop For Custom Cloths

T-shirts in all sizes:

I have spent hours at malls searching for my size of the tee and come out utterly disappointed. I have always worn either a hanging tee on me or one that is too tight. I had almost resigned to fate when I realized what I was missing.

A small chat on messenger was an eye-opener!

I was talking to a friend who was on a trip to the Orient. And he kept saying that he had a great day picking up gifts for everyone. And particularly he had great fun at a store where they allowed him to customize gifts with a message on them. He particularly liked that the patrons could choose a material to be sewn into a custom fit t-shirt and then customized it with any kind of pattern or a print or a logo. He showed me a picture of what he had picked up for me and I could not help but gasp!

It was beautiful!

This friend was a designer and I could trust his designs with my eyes closed. I begged him to get me five more t-shirts from the same store and he very kindly obliged. I was on cloud nine. Imagine getting to wear your own perfect fit with a style that is custom made by your buddy who you think is the best designer on the earth! It was a winning moment for me.

And what happens next is what happens when lady luck decides to smile on you!

This store happens to have an online presence and you can sit in any corner of the world and design your own t-shirt and flaunt it! I could only think of the countless occasions when I could not attend parties and other dos because I had run out of well-fitting clothes. Now was indeed my time to redeem the lost opportunities. With this online store, I can never be out of clothes again. And yes the best fitting clothes too!

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