The Ultimate Guide: What to Look For When Buying a Stroller

Buying a stroller for your baby can be a confusing task as there are way too many options today. If you want to check out the various types available today, just search on Here is a simple yet elaborate guide to help you buy the right one:


What is the age of the child you are buying this stroller for? If this is for an infant, you need to buy a stroller that can accommodate such a small child. There are many brands that offer a stroller with a smaller detachable seat. This can be used as long as the child is small and can be detached once the child grows.

Number Of Kids

Today one has the option to use a single stroller for twins or multiple kids. This makes pushing them around easier. The standard model that comes in for a single child. There are set models for multiple children and many brands are ready to customize for your needs too.


What will your main purpose be for using the stroller? Will it be to just go around the block? A lot of walking and climbing? Rough terrain? Occasional usage? Travel?

Your activity will influence the stroller you buy. For rougher terrain or too much physical activity, you will need a stroller that is sturdy, has a lot of storage space and is also light. For occasional usage, anything would actually do as the wear and tear will be very less.


Some people prefer heavier strollers as it is believed to be sturdier and hence safer. However, the ergonomics of the stroller is what decides the sturdy factor. If you are planning to travel frequently with your child, you will need something light that can be folded well and stored in the boot of the car or carried along easily.

A lightweight stroller may not be very sturdy or last long for rough usage. This type is recommended for rare usage, especially if you have to fold it up and store in the car or carry it up the stairs frequently.

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