Varieties Of Natural Fabrics

                                                            Varieties Of Natural Fabrics

For manufacturing of fabrics, many types of raw materials that can be natural or artificial or combination of both are used. Natural fabrics are the ones that use fibers extracted from cocoons of silkworms, animal coats, leaves, stems or plant seeds. These fabrics are usually very comfortable to use and you will never find any problem of rashes. These fabrics are very long lasting and soft too. One of the finest fabrics is a natural fabric which neither changes any color due to ultra violet rays nor there is any issue of warming.

Synthetic fabrics are the ones which are man-made fabrics. Such fabrics are made from artificial materials. Synthetic fabrics are usually light weighted.

  • Cotton fabrics are very soothing and safe to use. These are usually very soft and suitable for all skin types hence; these are mostly used for infant’s outfits. Also, it adjusts well with any type of climatic conditions. In fact, that is why it is also known as all-season fabric.
  • Silk fabric is the strongest natural fabric which is very popular across the globe because of its beauty, softness and luxurious look. In fact, the fabric gift I gave to my friend for her wedding was made of silk which definitely gave it a royal look. Silk can be worn in any weather. Some varieties help in cooling the body in summer and some are great in keeping your body warm during winters.
  • Linens are considered as the top most variety of natural fabric. These are exclusively used for manufacturing of apparels as well as home furnishing. This is also suitable for all kinds of skin. Anybody who has sensitive skin should definitely use linens because it protects the skin from any kind of allergies.
  • Wool fabric is very strong but soft and also very long lasting. It is mostly used for winters to keep body warm.


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